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Welcome to the VRMoo home page. VRMoo stands for Virtual Reality Object Oriented MUD. It is a project attempting to synthesize 3D visual technology with the text-based interactive MUD worlds. This merger has occurred in some of the massive multiplayer 3D role playing games currently available, but VRMoo goes a step further. Rather than simply interacting with the world, the multiple connected users will be able to build and navigate their own virtual world.

We are developing a prototype client, server, and protocol using the Java programming language. Java is ideal for the multi-threaded server, and the client uses the Java3D library, a Java wrapper for OpenGL or DirectX accelerated 3D graphics. Once a protocol has been finalized, development on other clients (for example, directly in OpenGL) will be welcome.

We have made our first official release, available for public download. Version 0.1.0 is a simple base upon which we intend to build. VRMoo currently has two active developers. However, it is a massive project and there is plenty of room for additional programmers (and testers, documentation writers, etc). Experience programming in Java will make you feel at home working on VRMoo. An experienced Java3D developer would be welcome, but knowledge of J3D is not a necessity.

The first release allows for rudimentary navigation of a world, and clunky skills for designing a world. Currently, any connected user can manipulate the world; there is no access control implemented. No other interaction with the world is available except to see the position of other users currently connected to the server.

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